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Name Title Email Phone
Amelia Arria Principal Investigator aarria@umd.edu 301-405-9795
Kimberly Caldeira Project Director caldeira@umd.edu 301-405-9778
Kathryn Vincent Carr Director of Operations kvincent@umd.edu 301-405-9768
Angie Barrall Recruitment Coordinator cls@umd.edu 301-405-9757
Brittany Bugbee Faculty Specialst bbugbee@umd.edu 301-405-9748
Katie Hippen Research Assistant khippen.cls@gmail.com 301-405-9757
Maya Deane-Polyak Research Assistant mdeanepolyak.cls@gmail.com 301-405-9757
Christina Parisi Research Assistant cparisi.cls@gmail.com 301-405-9757

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Direct comments and questions to cls@umd.edu
This project was supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse
(R01DA14845, Amelia M. Arria, PI).